Reset to defaults

Button Reset TotalFinder to defaults will restore the initial TotalFinder configuration for all features. This does not remove your license key.

Toggle Dual Mode

Dual mode is covered in a separate article about Dual Mode in TotalFinder.


Color sidebar icons are now available.


Use narrow Tabs Bar

For people who are running OSX on small notebooks with small displays. Checking this option makes TotalFinder's tab bar smaller and saves 14 pixels of precious vertical space.

Freelance Windows

By default TotalFinder forces all new Finder windows to be opened as new tabs of the last active TotalFinder window. Please note that new Finder windows can be opened as a result of some event. For example clicking on a dmg file opens a new Finder window.

After checking this option newly created windows start as new windows.

In the future there will be a better way to specify behavior of new Finder windows. For more information see the discussion.

Always Maximize

Checking this returns the green button's behavior to the Finder standard.

Typically the green "Maximize" button makes the Finder window as large as possible. TotalFinder improves upon Maximize. There are four settings that are cycled through when clicking the button: 1. Wide enough to fit all icons 2. Tighter fit 3. Tightest fit 4. The original size of the window you sized it to

When unchecked, you may also hold SHIFT and click the green button to maximize to full screen as if it were checked.

Open new tabs with previous location

Instead of opening into its own window, new tabs will open among the tabs of the last active window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Show System Files⇧⌘.
Folders on Top⇧⌘;
Toggle Dual Mode⌘U
Use narrow Tabs Bar⇧⌘B