Folders on Top

Starting in macOS 10.12 (Sierra), Finder now offers "Keep folders on top when sorting by name" as an option in Finder's preferences, so TotalFinder no longer enables this feature for on macOS 10.12. However, Finder's implementation only allows Folders on Top when sorting by Name.

Folders on Top

By default Finder does not separate folders and files and displays them mixed together as you can see on the left.

However, some users prefer to see folders first and then files regardless of the actual sorting options.

TotalFinder enables this display by toggle of a keyboard shortcut.

What about sorting?

Sorting options work the same as they did in the original Finder. This mode just moves all folders before the first file while keeping their relative order.

Also when you display hidden files you may notice those dot items are sorted before non-dot items. This is a convenient view consistent with command-line folder listing tools.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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