Free licenses for TotalFinder

First, you might want to read why I think TotalFinder is worth purchasing. Free licenses are for people who contributed or helped TotalFinder in some way.

Free licenses for users

I will grant a free license to you if:

  1. you helped directly in TotalFinder development (e.g. translators -> visit this page)
  2. you created or significantly contributed to an open-source project I’ve used in TotalFinder
  3. you are a public speaker and send me a link to your talk (must be recorded and publicly available)
  4. you are a Google engineer with a valid email address
  5. you are an Apple employee with a valid email address
  6. you have bitcoins and want to trade them for TotalFinder
  7. you feel that you deserve a free license for some other reason

Please drop me an email and I will send you a free license link back if you meet the criteria.

Free licenses for the press

Journalists and bloggers may apply for a TotalFinder license if they plan to review it.

I love to read articles about TotalFinder and I will be happy to give you a NFR (Not-For-Resale) license in exchange.

For your articles you may grab any graphics assets you see around. You may also browse my public github projects:

Thank you!