My reasons to buy TotalFinder

Hello there, I'm Antonin, the developer of TotalFinder. Here are my three main reasons why you should buy TotalFinder.

You get tabbed browsing in the Finder

The Finder works pretty well but tabs could really improve your daily workflow. You already know how to use tabs from your web browser. It simply makes you more efficient instantly. Also, having a tabbed Finder makes you look cool when you share your screen with your geeky Mac friends - that's guaranteed!

Yes, it's the Finder! You don't have to learn anything new

Apps like PathFinder, ForkLift or DiskOrder are nice, mature and have many great features. But you have to make a hard decision to switch and learn.

With TotalFinder you don't have to decide between the Finder and some replacement application. You get the Finder with all you already know plus some new handy features. You may selectively enable them as you progress with TotalFinder.

TotalFinder is not a replacement application, it is a plugin which improves the Finder's functionality. This offers better interoperability with other applications which usually expect the Finder to be your only file manager. We've all seen those menus with "Reveal in Finder" items, right?

The Finder is not going away any time soon and it has some very unique features, like Time Machine and Spotlight search. Every Mac has Finder installed. You are better to learn how to live with it than fight it. TotalFinder can help and make the Finder work better for you.

You can support a single guy doing cool stuff

By buying TotalFinder you are supporting the project. In fact, you are also voting that you want something like this to continue and evolve. I have a proven track record of creating useful software, I listen to your requests and I'm not afraid to share.

I'm not going to promise any particular features but you can bet that I have many interesting ideas on my list. Your support allows me to continue working on cool software.

Nothing is impossible!

This is an opinionated article. Do you disagree? Do you have other opinions about Finder, TotalFinder or other file managers? Discuss your thoughts on our forums.