About TotalFinder

TotalFinder is just a better Finder

TotalFinder works like the original Finder but adds tabs, dual panel mode, folders on top and other useful features.

My goal is to improve the Finder in areas where it is lacking but keep the overall design, which is good.

TotalFinder works in 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion). We will support 10.9 (Mavericks).

TotalFinder is a plugin, not a replacement

TotalFinder is an add-on which gets loaded into the Finder when you launch It does not modify your Finder files on the disk. It only changes the current instance of Finder running in memory when you launch TotalFinder, which is itself a standalone application.

System updates from Apple

Due to the nature of how TotalFinder works, there is a small risk that TotalFinder might break with future Finder updates. Our entire team uses TotalFinder on a daily basis so we spot problems very quickly. So far, Finder updates have generally introduced minor cosmetic changes. I am also a member of Apple's Developer Program and have access to pre-release versions of system updates. I am committed to keeping TotalFinder compatible with Apple's updates.

Please remember that if you ever experience any problem whatsoever, please send us a support email. In the worst case, it is extremely easy to uninstall TotalFinder and return to the Apple's basic Finder.

How to restart the Finder

You can go to the and type:

killall Finder 

This will restart the Finder in an unaltered state, without TotalFinder. To open TotalFinder again, launch in /Applications.