released on April 18, 2023
  • fixedFixed a code injection issue where TotalFinder would fail to successfully inject on certain legacy / unsupported systems that were patched using OpenCore Legacy Patcher / OCLP. (※ Please note that this issue has nothing to do with the UEFI bootloader named OpenCore — TotalFinder has never had any known compatibility issues with the OpenCore UEFI bootloader.) Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • fixedFixed an issue where the new Coloured Labels logic would be unable to obtain the label colour of certain items that have coloured label information stored in a slightly different way than what was thought to be possible during testing. Ventura
  • fixedFixed an issue where the new Coloured Labels logic would use the oldest label colour found on an item with multiple labels, instead of the newest. Ventura
  • fixedFixed a rendering issue where the TotalFinder icon in the Finder preferences on macOS 11 Big Sur and newer would render with aliasing artifacts, especially on non-Retina/HiDPI displays where the issue was very severe. Ventura Monterey Big Sur
  • fixedFixed a rendering issue where the TotalFinder icon in the Finder preferences on macOS 11 Big Sur and newer was unable to be tinted by the user's macOS UI tint colour when selected. Ventura Monterey Big Sur
  • improvedMajor internal refactors were made to the Coloured Labels feature, resulting in better optimisation of label colour lookup operations. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • newCertain behaviour flags that were used during the testing of the new Coloured Labels logic are now controllable via TotalFinder's power-user-oriented "Tweakables" feature, which you can use by creating specific files in your home directory (~, or ${HOME}) using the command-line utility touch. See below for more details. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • newThe newly-added Tweakable flag ~/.totalfinder-alwaysenablenewlabellookupmethods enables the new Coloured Labels lookup logic on macOS 12 Monterey and below, which normally use a different label colour lookup method that no longer works as of macOS 13 Ventura. Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • newThe newly-added Tweakable flag ~/.totalfinder-disablelabelcolourlookupoptimisation disables all Coloured Labels lookup optimisations, which may be useful as a troubleshooting or debugging step. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • improvedMade many improvements to the TotalFinder diagnostics utility (diagnose-totalfinder.sh) that improve the usefulness of its output. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • newAdded an experimental feature that allows users to make the Visor show above other apps, but not the Dock whenever the Visor is in a pinned state. This experimental feature is currently only accessible by running defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderVisorDrawAboveOtherAppsWhenPinned 1 in a Terminal session. (※ Replace the 1 with a 0 to disable the feature.) Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • newA new Visor-related Tweakable flag was added: ~/.totalfinder-useaggressivevisordrawpriority will set the Visor window to a much higher draw priority when the "Show on top of the Dock" feature is enabled. This can be useful if you encounter an app that is still able to draw above the Visor even with "Show on top of the Dock" enabled. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • improvedVarious other internal refactors and improvements were made to TotalFinder as a whole. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina


released on January 12, 2023
  • newAdded full support for macOS 13 Ventura! Ventura
  • newAdded detection and automatic handling for enabling arm64e ABI support, which is newly required as of macOS 13 for Apple Silicon machines only. (※ For more information, please read this post.) Ventura
  • newAdded detection and user guidance for disabling SIP NVRAM protections, which is newly required as of macOS 13 for Apple Silicon machines only. Ventura
  • newAdded custom Finder icon handling specifically for IconChamp. (※ To use custom Finder icons with TotalFinder enabled, please enable the "Use original Dock icon" option in the TotalFinder preferences.) Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • fixedRestored full functionality of TotalFinder's Copy Path menu on macOS 13. Ventura
  • fixedRestored full functionality of TotalFinder's Cut and Paste feature on macOS 13. Ventura
  • fixedRestored full functionality of TotalFinder's Cut, Copy, and Paste buttons found in the right-click context menu on macOS 13. Ventura
  • fixedRestored full functionality of TotalFinder's Coloured Labels feature on macOS 13. Ventura
  • improvedCompletely rewrote large portions of Coloured Labels's label colour lookup functionality. Ventura Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • fixedFixed a crash that would occur whenever Coloured Labels was enabled on macOS 13. Ventura
  • fixedFixed an issue on macOS 13 where right-click context menus in Finder would become prematurely truncated. Ventura
  • fixedFixed an issue on macOS 13 where right-click context menus in Finder would sometimes fail to appear at all. Ventura
  • fixedFixed translucent item rendering for items located on the Desktop and in Finder windows set to Icon view on macOS 13. Ventura


released on September 15, 2022
  • fixedFixed compatibility with macOS 11.6.8 20G730, which is the latest version of macOS Big Sur as of this writing. TotalFinder features that were broken with this update (most notably but not limited to Cut and Paste) now work correctly again! (※ macOS 11.6.7 and 11.6.6 were unaffected by the issue.) Big Sur


released on June 20, 2022
  • newAdded a new user-configurable option to always use Finder icon rendering for the Colorful Sidebar feature. When enabled, this option will cause sidebar icons to display exactly how they would in Finder, which also disables the leftover skeuomorphic icons for the "Music", "Pictures", and "Movies" folders. (※ This option will also cause TotalFinder to ignore the user-custom ~/.totalfinder-sidebar-icons.plist file.)
  • fixedFixed an issue where the Colorful Sidebar feature would not display most sidebar icons correctly on macOS 12 Monterey, macOS 11 Big Sur, and macOS 10.15 Catalina. Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • fixedFixed an issue where custom Finder icons applied using other macOS tweaks (such as IconChamp) would no longer display once TotalFinder was enabled. (※ To use custom Finder icons with TotalFinder enabled, please enable the "Use original Dock icon" option in the TotalFinder preferences.) Monterey Big Sur Catalina
  • fixedFixed a layout issue that caused the localised string for "Freelance Windows" in the TotalFinder preferences to be cut off for some languages, like Japanese. Monterey Big Sur Catalina


released on April 27, 2022
  • newAdded unofficial support for Apple Silicon machines to TotalFinder.
  • newAdded Apple Silicon BootPolicy configuration state detection to TotalFinder diagnostics.
  • newAdded more localisation support to TotalFinder. These new, previously-untranslated strings have been translated to Japanese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Simplified Chinese (China), and Czech.
  • fixedFixed a crash to stock Finder that would occur on macOS 12 Monterey if the "Enter Time Machine" button found in the Time Machine menu bar item dropdown was pressed. Monterey


released on November 3, 2021
  • newInitial compatibility with macOS 12.0 Monterey
  • removedRemoved checking for a license. TotalFinder is provided as-is without support.
  • fixedFixed dimming of icons in Icon View and on Desktop when they are marked for Cut (CMD+X).


released on March 16, 2021


released on November 23, 2020


released on November 18, 2020
  • newCompatibility with macOS 11.0 Big Sur


released on December 18, 2019


released on November 21, 2019


released on October 06, 2019
  • newCompatibility with macOS 10.15 Catalina


released on February 21, 2019
  • newWhen enabling Column View auto-width we newly override Finder's minimal column width to allow narrow columns (Finder didn't allow column width less than 160px).
  • newTab configuration gets stored more often.
  • newNewly TotalFinder does not restore tabs with invalid locations.
  • fixedReimplemented visual indication of files marked for cut in Column View and Gallery View. Mojave
  • fixedCMD+N opens a new TotalFinder window as it should. Mojave
  • fixedWhen enabling Column View auto-width and don't specifying lower bound. Columns weren't resized under some circumstances.
  • fixedFixed broken handling of native tabs under macOS 10.14. Mojave


released on October 08, 2018
  • fixedFixed several cases when label backgrounds were not properly updated after a change. Mojave High Sierra
  • fixedFixed a case when new dark mode related code would crash Finder under macOS 10.11. El Capitan


released on September 23, 2018
  • newCompatibility with macOS 10.14. Mojave
  • newDue to hardened macOS security SIP must be disabled in Mojave. Please read our blog post. Mojave
  • newSupport for Dark Mode under macOS 10.14. Mojave
  • fixedProperly update status menu when enabling/disabling Visor.
  • fixedPrevent duplicate TotalFinder items in user's Login Items.
  • fixedFixed rare crashes of TotalFinderCrashWatcher.app, how ironic?
  • removedNormally TotalFinder prevents displaying dot files on Desktop when display of system files is enabled. This is not yet implemented under Mojave. Mojave


released on April 05, 2018


released on March 24, 2018


released on January 15, 2018


released on December 2, 2017
  • fixedFixed installer issue with "TotalFinder is corrupted" message when upgrading directly from v1.9.3.


released on November 22, 2017


released on September 26, 2017
  • improvedCompatibility with macOS 10.13. High Sierra
  • improvedMajor review and refactoring of whole codebase (with the help of AppCode from JetBrains)
  • newMade "Copy Path URL" feature aware of network mount points.
  • newImplemented upgrade workflow for SIP system component. TotalFinderSIP
  • fixedFixed scenarios when downgrading and TotalFinder installer would ignore it and keep the newer version.
  • fixedMarking for cut operation didn't properly dim icons in Icon View. Sierra High Sierra
  • fixedFixed iCloud-related crashes when enabled colored sidebar icons under High Sierra. High Sierra
  • fixedFixed crash under El Capitan with Folders on Top enabled browsing in Column View. El Capitan
  • fixedFixed duplicate Visor window after tweaking Visor preferences.
  • fixedPrevent losing focus from right-side of dual mode when sliding Visor.
  • fixedFixed Cut&Paste issue when pasting a file on Desktop. Sierra
  • fixedFixed an issue with grey window in full screen mode.
  • removedRemoved support for macOS 10.9. Mavericks
  • removedRemoved support for macOS 10.10. Yosemite


released on April 27, 2017


released on March 31, 2017
  • newTotalFinder can be newly launched with System Integrity Protection fully enabled. Sierra El Capitan
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.12.5. Sierra
  • newPerforms periodic checks and auto-repairs if frame window is missing.
  • newNew icons in Preferences.
  • newDark menubar icon.
  • newHolding SHIFT during tab creation will open it in a new window.
  • improvedImproved DMG detection.
  • improvedChanged Visor Pin button to blue color.
  • fixedFixed an option to suppress some SIP installation dialogs.
  • fixedFixed background color after tearing a tab off the main window. Sierra
  • fixedFixed a bug when tabs would not update after entering or leaving dual mode. Sierra
  • fixedFixed potential crash/lock when opening DMG files.
  • fixedFixed colored labels redrawing bug. Sierra
  • fixedFixed a case when Finder window could be misaligned with framing TotalFinder window.


released on January 6, 2017


released on September 24, 2016
  • removedDisabled TotalFinder's Folders on Top feature on macOS 10.12, which now offers Folders on Top natively as an option in Finder's preferences. However, Finder's implementation only allows Folders on Top when sorting by Name, so we'll look to improve upon that. Sierra


released on September 20, 2016


released on February 22, 2016


released on November 24, 2015
  • newIntroduced Chinese (HK) translation by Perry Lo
  • new'Folders on Top' feature works in Icon View as well under El Capitan. El Capitan
  • fixedFixed reseting selection described here. El Capitan
  • fixedFixed Quick Look problem and Show in Finder issues when 'Folders on Top' was enabled. El Capitan
  • fixedAuto-sizing of columns should be without observable delay in most cases. El Capitan
  • fixedFixed source of potential crashes when using 'Folders on Top'.
  • fixedName column expands to available width in List View mode. El Capitan
  • improvedMinor performance imporvement in 'Folders on Top' code. El Capitan


released on October 15, 2015
  • newRe-implementation of auto-sizing columns in Column View for El Capitan. El Capitan
  • newRe-implementation of sidebar mirroring in dual mode for El Capitan. El Capitan
  • newNew Folders on Top implementation for El Capitan (works in Column View Mode as well and fixes issues described here). El Capitan
  • newColorful Sidebar updated for El Capitan. El Capitan
  • newReturned option for HFS Path in Copy Path Menu.
  • fixedFixed problem with localizations. El Capitan
  • fixedFixed closing all windows (when clicking red close button while holding option).
  • fixedFixed misplaced colored labels under El Capitan. El Capitan


released on September 29, 2015


released on June 24, 2015
  • improvedCompatibility with OS X 10.10.3. Yosemite
  • improvedInstaller/uninstaller/packaging icons changed to Yosemite-style.
  • improvedSwitching toolbar display mode from icons-only to something else does not look ugly anymore. Yosemite
  • improvedTotalFinder newly checks if settings plist file is missing or corrupted.
  • improvedTotalFinder stores a backup of licensing info in Finder's plist itself (To ease the pain of users who run MacKeeper or CleanMyMac to wipe all TotalFinder settings out and then wonder why their TotalFinder got suddenly unregistered).
  • fixedFixed a rare problem of unresponsive Finder windows Yosemite
  • fixedVisor activation didn't work via double-tapping on some machines.
  • fixedRespect "open new tabs with previous location" setting when creating a new tab for dual mode.
  • fixedDouble-keypress code does not read com.apple.mouse.doubleClickThreshold system preference anymore (this might cause OPT+OPT style Visor activation to not work for users who have some crazy high value set there).
  • fixedFixed a timing problem with TotalFinder startup.
  • fixedFinally reliable DMG detection.
  • fixedTotalFinder was sometimes unexpectedly opening new tabs as new windows.
  • fixedFixed sluggish navigation in column mode.
  • fixedFixed more cases of ghost windows without frames.
  • fixedTotalFinder would not launch under some circumstances.
  • fixedFixed revelaing windows when clicking the Dock icon under 10.10.3.
  • fixedFixed a bug which could potentially lead to a memory corruption and upredictable behaviour.
  • fixedTotalFinder should not crash on startup when restoring original tabs state.
  • fixedRemoved code signature check in TotalFinder launcher, it started causing troubles to some users.


released on Jan 8, 2015
  • fixedFixed broken licensing dialog.


released on November 6, 2014
  • improvedCompatibility with OS X 10.10.1 beta. Yosemite
  • improvedReimplemented internal system of storing TotalFinder preferences (preferences are no longer shared with Finder in com.apple.finder.plist but are held separately in com.binaryage.totalfinder.plist). Yosemite Mavericks
  • improvedIt is possible to set conflicting keyboard shortcuts in TotalFinder Preferences (User is warned but has an option to set the conflicting shortcut anyway).
  • fixedAdditionally global keyboard shortucs which are disabled are no longer treated as conflicting shortcuts by TotalFinder.
  • fixedFinally fixed the annoying problem of broken Visor hotkey after restart.
  • fixedFixed the problem of blank lines in List View when colored labels feature was enabled. Yosemite
  • fixedImplemented more code which should prevent ghost Finder windows. Yosemite
  • fixedFixed broken interoperability with AppleScript (since 1.6.10)
  • fixedToolbar customization palette does not obscure toolbar items anymore Yosemite
  • fixedUnder some circumstances TotalFinder was not launched automatically after system start. Yosemite
  • fixedToggling 'Show hidden files' and other TotalFinder view options did not refresh file lists.
  • fixedFixed a problem when TotalFinder maximized window after double-clicking a tab. Yosemite


released on October 16, 2014
  • newCompatibility with OS X 10.10. Yosemite
  • fixedFixed problems with stuck keyboard focus (I found a better way how to implement sharing keyboard focus between Finder windows embedded under TotalFinder frame window. This is a huge improvement.)
  • fixedFixed fullscreen transition issues. Mavericks
  • improvedAdded Malay localization.
  • improvedImproved dock progress when multiple operations are progressing concruently.
  • improvedLess intrusive way how to arrange Finder views to fit in TotalFinder window.
  • improvedReimplemented old code for bringing Visor up by double-tapping a key


released on July 25, 2014
  • newInitial compatibility with OS X 10.10 (public beta). Yosemite
  • newIntroduced TotalFinderDockIconIgnoresVisor tweak requested here.
  • fixedFixed misbehaving Visor's Show/Hide item under menubar status icon.
  • fixedFixed crash in uninstaller when required font was missing in the system.
  • fixedFixed scenario when cut selection stopped updating itself.
  • fixedAn attempt to fix Finder hanging during TotalFinder startup affecting some users.
  • improvedGeneral improvements of stability (we started using weak pointers to keep track of Finder windows).


released on May 08, 2014
  •  Related blog post: TotalFinder 1.6 with Colored Labels
  • newColored Labels - pre-Mavericks style label colors (as requested here).
  • fixedFixed pretty nasty Cut & Paste glitch (it could cause cut operation to suddenly stop working).
  • fixedFixed a serious crash scenario when closing tabs/windows.
  • fixedRight clicking a folder on Desktop and selecting paste applies operation on the folder (not on Desktop itself).
  • fixedResolved occasional random window jumping when click-dragging.
  • fixedFixed wide context menu problem.
  • fixedFixed graphical glitch when changing paths via applescript.
  • fixedFixed toolbar flickering during window resizing in Column View.
  • fixedFixed stuck animation when minimizing windows.
  • fixedContext menu buttons adapt to width of localized strings.
  • fixedActivating TotalFinder via clicking on tabs background transfers focus to Finder properly.
  • fixedExpanding window to whole screen works now reliably when pressing green + button.
  • fixedCrash watcher could pop up with an old crash log.
  • improvedDMGs now open as separate standard Finder windows (this should resolve confusion about missing sidebars).
  • improvedHiding dot files on Desktop works better (without creating ghost holes).
  • improvedWhen you tear a native Finder tab off it creates a native Finder window (originally it was adopted as a new TotalFinder tab).
  • improvedCut works in search results.
  • improvedBackground color does not flash after sliding visor up.
  • removedRemoved support for OS X 10.7 Lion


released on May 03, 2014
  • fixedFixed a rare case when some Desktop icons could be missing (ghost icons). Mavericks
  • improvedImproved drawing of colored labels behind Desktop icons.


released on March 02, 2014
  • improvedAdded missing files for Hungarian and Croatian localizations.
  • improvedSwitching to full screen streches window to whole screen.
  • fixedFull screen menu item (CTRL+CMD+F) works reliably.
  • fixedSometimes background color of windows could stay wrong.
  • fixedPrevented ghost Finder window when clicking Finder's Dock icon (if you still experience ghost windows without frame, please report).
  • fixedClicking "Add Tab" button on window without focus could operate on different browser window.
  • fixedColourful sidebar shows all icons in colours.
  • fixedFixed broken tags and other issues in newly created Finder windows.
  • fixedSorting of file groups works under Chinese localization.
  • fixedDoing rename in the left-side panel of dual view could lock focus to the right side.
  • fixedFixed double-clicking tabs when having enabled "Double click a window's title bar to minimize" in the Dock prefs.
  • fixedFixed a rare (but dangerous) situation when highlighted tab selection did not match folder view displayed by Finder.


released on February 25, 2014
  • newCompatibility with OS X 10.9.2.
  • newImplemented support for fullscreen mode (only under 10.9).
  • newVisor can be shown on screen with mouse cursor (a new "Screen" option under Visor preferences).
  • newThe "Folders" group is sorted first when enabled Folders on Top and arranged by Kind (only under 10.8 and 10.9).
  • newIntroduced Hindi translation by Ashish Pandey.
  • newIntroduced Bengali translation by Omi Azad.
  • fixedTabs immediatelly resize when window frame is resized.
  • fixedFixed problem of blinking windows when resizing.
  • fixedFixed cases of missing sidebar when reopening windows.
  • fixedThe desktop window is skipped when cycling windows via CMD+`.
  • fixedRight-side window in dual mode could have problems with resizing and persistence of column widths.
  • fixedFixed situations when main window could be resized to too narrow width.
  • fixedItems in List View turn gray when marking files for Cut operation under 10.9.
  • improvedInternal optimizations to improve TotalFinder performance.
  • improvedImproved dragging and dropping tabs - the focus should stay with dropped tab.
  • improvedA cleanup of the code implementing colored icons in sidebar.
  • improvedVisor focus restoration is respecting space boundaries.
  • removedRemoved 'Always Maximize' option - this is the standard behaviour under Mavericks.


released on December 6, 2013


released on October 19, 2013
  • improvedA compatibility release for smooth update to Mavericks - please update to this version prior installing Mavericks. We added checks for preventing running corrupted TotalFinder installations.


released on October 10, 2013
  •  Related blog post: Surfing the waves of Mavericks
  • newFull Mavericks compatibility.
  • newIntroduced new custom-built uninstaller app.
  • fixedFixed some edge cases when TotalFinder wasn't launched during startup.
  • fixedFixed annoying 'A' shortcut bug.
  • fixedFixed issues when restoring files from TimeMachine.
  • fixedFixed several crash scenarios.
  • improvedThe "New tab" button should be visually identical to Chrome's
  • improvedOption+click on close (miniaturize) button will close (miniaturize) all windows.
  • improvedPrevents unwanted space switch when using pinned visor.


released on July 17, 2013
  • newPorted some plugins under Mavericks: FoldersOnTop, DockProgressBar, ColumnViewAutoWidth and SystemFiles.
  • newCrash logs include TotalFinder-specific info if available.
  • fixedFixed occasional crashes with enabled column-view auto-width feature.
  • fixedFixed remaining installation issues.
  • fixedFixed occasional crash when rendering Dock progress bar.
  • fixedFixed occasional problem with Cut menu item under Edit menu. It showed "Copy" and CMD+X keyboard shortcut did not work anymore.
  • improvedCut-Copy-Paste context menu buttons resize properly with localized names.
  • improvedUpdated French and Turkish localizations.


released on July 1, 2013
  • newIt is possible to set minimal width when enabling automatic column widths.
  • improvedAdded retina versions of menubar icons.
  • improvedAutomatic adjusting of columns in Column View works more reliably.
  • improvedMore robust TotalFinder launcher (some people had issues with applescript errors).
  • improvedDock icon progress bars are more similar to system progress bars.
  • improvedTotalFinder launches cleanly under OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). Most features are disabled under Mavericks. We will re-enable them one by one as we will progress porting the code to the new system. Read more.


released on June 7, 2013
  • newNew preference to enable automatic adjusting of columns in Column View.
  • newCompatibility with OS X update 10.8.4
  • fixedFixed issues when leaving TimeMachine.
  • improvedVarious minor improvements.


released on March 27, 2013
  • newNew preferences system (gives us more flexibility in exposing feature tweaks).
  • newAdded a feature to enable a progress bar over the Dock icon when copying files (requested here).
  • newAdded a feature to enable colored sidebar icons (based on Colorful Sidebar SIMBL).
  • newFinally added "Open new tabs with previous location" preferences tweak.
  • fixedFixed redrawing issues when entering and leaving TimeMachine.
  • fixedFixed weird crashes when evaluating keyboard shortcuts while system is switched to some exotic keyboard layout.
  • fixedFixed a problem when activating pinned Visor.
  • fixedVisor might steal ESC system-wide at some circumstances. Now ESC is properly scoped to active Visor window.
  • fixedOn some systems TotalFinder might fail during system startup with "Connection invalid -609" error.
  • improvedShortcut recording now uses MASShortcut component by Vadim Shpakovski.
  • improvedGeneral improvements in stability.


released on December 03, 2012
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.8.2 (which is included in OS X update 10.8.3)
  • newImplemented "Reopen Closed Tab" (idea).
  • newIt is now possible to copy UNC-style paths from Copy Path submenu.
  • fixedFixed broken paste command in context menus (issue).
  • fixedFixed redrawing issues under high CPU load (issue).
  • fixedFocus Visor when clicked the Dock icon while having opened unfocused pinned Visor (issue).
  • fixedDouble-clicking Finder's toolbar miniaturizes whole window.
  • fixedCut/Copy/Paste buttons appear in context menus also when clicking into Finder's background.
  • fixedVisor window is correctly repositioned after connecting or disconnecting external display.
  • fixedClicking Finder icon in the Dock brings back miniaturized window (issue).
  • fixedCMD+W does not close whole window in case there is only one tab in dual mode.
  • fixedEscape key could stop working when closed last tab in Visor window.
  • improvedImproved Visor sliding. Fading and sliding should be smoother. Removed random flickering in multi-display setups (issue).
  • improvedImproved window dragging via Finder's toolbar or statusbar.
  • improvedAdded TotalFinder menu into Finder main menu item (for people who remove TotalFinder's menubar icon).


released on October 15, 2012
  • fixedPrevent redrawing issues and delay when minimizing TotalFinder window.
  • fixedNew tabs were opening outside Visor (issue).
  • fixedClicking Dock icon could cause random switching of Spaces.
  • fixedPrevent rare crashes when dragging files over tabs.
  • fixedAlways use English keyboard layout when dealing with keyboard shortcuts. This should fix issues when using exotic keyboard layouts.


released on September 20, 2012
  • newAdded Vietnamese translation by Craig Nguyen
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.8.1 (which is included in OS X update 10.8.2).
  • fixedFixed unreliable "Reveal in Finder" requests from other apps (issue).
  • fixedFixed "Folders On Top" issues when list was displayed as unsorted and caused weird dragging bugs (issue).
  • fixedFixed issues with missing sidebar or toolbar in some scenarios (issue, issue).
  • fixedFixed a minor memory leak.
  • improvedNew tabs get created in the last browser on the current space.


released on August 2, 2012
  •  Related blog post: TotalFinder runs with Mountain Lions
  • newFixed compatibility with Finder 10.8 under Mountain Lion (GM).
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.7.5 (OS X update 10.7.5).
  • removedRemoved support for Finder 10.6 under Snow Leopard.
  • newTotalFinder binaries are signed to make Gatekeeper happy.
  • newAdded Mongolian translation by Tulga Gandavaa
  • improvedTotalFinder should feel much more responsive. I have optimized tab rendering, dragging and window layouting. Also some old windowing problems should be history.
  • fixedTotalFinder tabs render nicely on Retina MacBooks (issue)
  • fixedVisor auto-slides down when Finder loses active status. This should fix unreliable sliding historicaly based on losing keyboard focus (issue).
  • fixedNo ghost windows after restarting (when Visor was pinned and up before restart).
  • fixedPrevent frozen Finder windows under Mountain Lion (issue)
  • fixedFixed a possible crash during TotalFinder shutdown
  • fixedFixed misplaced Dropbox overlays in Icon View under Mountain Lion
  • fixedFixed a crash when releasing a dragged tab
  • fixedPrevent crashes when dragging tab icon out as a new tab (issue).
  • fixedConstrain Visor's height to available screen space (issue).
  • fixedFixed uploading of crash reports via CrashWatcher.
  • improvedPrevents visual artifacts during Expose.
  • improvedNew "Switch Active Panel" item under Window menu => allows remapping OPT+TAB shortcut (issue)
  • improvedBetter performance of Visor sliding.
  • improvedPaths in tabs are truncated from the left (again).


released on April 26, 2012
  • fixedFixed broken right pane of Dual Mode under 10.7.4 (issue).


released on April 24, 2012
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.7.3 (which is included in OS X update 10.7.4).


released on December 4, 2011
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.7.2 (which is included in OS X update 10.7.3).
  • improvedImproved performance when Folders on Top is enabled.
  • fixedDo not resolve symlinks when doing Cut&Paste (issue).


released on October 26, 2011
  • fixedResolved an issue causing 100% CPU usage when opening "All Files" with enabled Folders on Top (issue).
  • fixedFixed a bug causing missing sidebars after opening DMG files (issue).
  • fixedFixed memory leaks reported by static analysis in Xcode 4.2.


released on October 12, 2011
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.7.1 (which is included in OS X update 10.7.2).
  • fixedSymbolic links to folders sort as expected when "Folders on Top" is enabled.
  • removedRemoved Asepsis feature and the kernel extension. Asepsis is now freely available as a standalone software.


released on August 11, 2011
  • newNew Tab command opens default window location as set in General Finder Preferences. Previously it was opening the same location as the current tab. This was causing a lot of support requests because novices can be stuck in DMG view without sidebar (Lion does not have pill button anymore and CMD+OPT+T to show/hide toolbar with sidebar is not very well known keyboard shortcut).
  • fixedShow/Hide Path Bar and Show/Hide Status Bar commands work reliably (even in dual mode).
  • fixedResolved some rare crashes in Folder On Top feature.
  • fixedFixed AppleScript command for setting window bounds (issue).
  • improvedIroned out more sidebar issues.
  • improvedThe CrashWatcher was improved and open-sourced. I've also resolved memory leaks.
  • improvedTotalFinder.app can be freely relocated. Also optional ~/.totalfinder config is not used anymore.


released on July 21, 2011
  • fixedI believe this is correct solution for sidebar issues under Lion.
  • improvedCompatibility check does not complain that Lion has unsupported version of Finder.


released on July 20, 2011
  • newIt is possible to drag small tab icons (folder proxy icons) (issue).
  • newTotalFinderCrashWatcher - a new improved way for reporting TotalFinder crashes.
  • newApplications and scripts may now ask Finder via AppleScript if TotalFinder has been loaded (more info).
  • newAlternative TotalFinder installation path may be specified via optional ini file (more info).
  • fixedLion: Fixed compatibility with Afloat and other SIMBL plugins which use jrswizzle library.
  • fixedLion: Asepsis feature implemented from scratch - needs testing! (issue).
  • fixedLion: Make sure items get properly sorted after adding new files into folder (issue).
  • fixedLion: Sidebar mirroring in dual mode works similar to Snow Leopard.
  • fixedLion: When switching tabs sidebar width stays the same as under Snow Leopard.
  • fixedFixed the annoying iPhoto issue (issue).
  • fixedFixed broken "open location" applescript event (issue).
  • fixedVisor's pin state indication wasn't updated when using keyboard shortcut (issue).
  • fixedMade reading and writing of DSDontWriteNetworkStores flag reliable (issue).
  • improvedTab animations are faster to match current Chrome settings.
  • improvedPrevent tab icon jumping when switching to and from dual mode. Also put 2px space between icon and tab title.
  • improvedFixed tab focus problem when creating tabs by dragging folders into tab bar.
  • improvedTotalFinder reports reasonable error message when fails launching.
  • removedTotalFinder is not using Spotlight anymore to locate TotalFinder.app if not found on standard location.


released on June 1, 2011
  •  Related blog post: TotalFinder upgrade for Lion will be free of charge
  • newMajor progress on Lion compatibility.
  • fixedFixed uninstaller - TotalFinder.osax wasn't removed properly.
  • fixedFixed crash reporter - report upload failed because of gist API changes.
  • improvedUnfocused pinned Visor receives focus when activated. Second activation hides it.
  • improvedVisor Pin state is persistent between TotalFinder restarts.
  • improvedSparkle offers update options during first launch (after installation).
  • improvedImplemented URL scheme: totalfinder://register/name/key for better registering experience in the future.


released on March 30, 2011
  • newLocalized into Belorussian by Alexander Shestakov.
  • fixedFixed broken feature of dragging files to tabs (issue).
  • fixedFixed invalid version info reported at some places (issue).


released on March 22, 2011
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.6.8 (which is included in OS X update 10.6.7).
  • newInitial compatibility with OS X 10.7 (Lion). Please read Lion Compatibility Page to get more info.
  • newLocalized into Greek by Evripidis Argyropoulos.
  • newLocalized into Lithuanian by Nuno Salvador.
  • fixedHopefully fixed installer's troubles updating TotalFinder binary.


released on February 28, 2011
  • newCompatibility with Finder in the upcoming OS X update (10.6.7)
  • newLocalized into Danish by Asger Hatuop Drewsen.
  • newLocalized into Macedonian by Bojan.
  • newLocalized into Ukrainian by CryAngel.
  • fixedFixed some "gray window" problems. (issue).
  • improvedMoved traffic lights placement to match the Chrome (issue).
  • improvedYou can now move TotalFinder.app outside /Applications folder. Launcher uses Spotlight to locate TotalFinder.app if not found in /Applications. (issue and issue).
  • improvedAsepsis checks presence of .DS_Store file, it does not do redirection when .DS_Store exists (see Console.app for affected folders). This fixes display of DMG backgrounds when Asepsis enabled.


released on January 27, 2011
  • newAdded command-command, control-control and shift-shift activation options to Visor feature. To switch between them click the button image.
  • newAdded Copy Path menu item support (see sample). Must be enabled in Preferences > TotalFinder > Tweaks.
  • newLocalized into Bulgarian by Ivaylo Djounov.
  • newLocalized into Indonesian by Ganis Angger Atmawarin.
  • fixedPrevented ghost icons. (issue)
  • fixedPrevented a small memory leak left behind with every closed Finder window.
  • fixedFixed duplicate window names in Windows Menu and also when switching tabs window name is correctly updated. (issue)
  • fixedTotalFinder no longer hardcodes ⌘ ⌥ → and ⌘ ⌥ ← for tab switching. (issue)
  • fixedFixed problem where Visor may get activated back again when in dual mode and ESC is pressed. (issue)
  • improvedPrevented initial window flickering during TotalFinder startup.
  • improvedImproved internal code structure.


released on December 20, 2010
  • newLocalized into Finnish. Thanks to Tomi Rantalankila!
  • fixedTotalFinder shows window titles in Expose. (issue).
  • fixedFixed annoying bug where windows could not receive focus under some circumstances. (issue and issue).
  • fixedWhen cycling through windows skip the desktop window. (issue).
  • fixedFixed window displacement bug where tab was pulled out and returned back into the same window. (issue).
  • fixedWhen sliding Visor up, visor window always appears on top of other TotalFinder windows.
  • fixedFixed crash when unplugging monitor. (issue).
  • fixedFixed disjointed UI during Visor activation when clicking icons in the Dock and the Desktop. (issue).
  • improvedThe cut-operation cooperates better with system clipboard. (issue)
  • improvedTab switching should be a bit faster and window switching/dragging should not flicker.
  • improvedDefault menubar icon is black (it was previously gray).


released on December 7, 2010
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.6.7 (in the upcoming OS X update)
  • fixedFixed scrolling bug in icon view in dual mode (issue).
  • fixedFixed icons disappearing after cut operation on the Desktop (issue).


released on December 6, 2010
  •  Related blog post: TotalFinder 1.1 with Cut&Paste
  • newCut&Paste in Finder, finally! The feature implemented by Roman Yusufkhanov (issue).
  • newLocalized into Korean and Welsh. Thanks to Taehwan Lee and Justin Jett!
  • newNew icon with slightly modern look + new Menu Bar icons. Nicely done by Robin Raszka.
  • fixedFixed Visor sliding in dual mode (issue).
  • fixedSolved possible crash situation when dragging TotalFinder window via frame.
  • fixedSolved possible crash situation when TotalFinder gets deminiaturized.
  • fixedFixed broken crash report uploading (GitHub started using SSL).
  • improvedAdded command to select next and previous tab into Window menu (issue).
  • improvedToolbar hiding is fast - for example via pill button or via keyboard shortcut.
  • improvedNew tabs open with path from previously active tab.
  • improvedReimplemented sidebar tweaks in dual mode.
  • improvedPrevent frame flickering in various situations. Especially when sliding Visor.
  • improvedOpening folders in Expose mode works without breaking the UI (issue).
  • improvedFixed opening Trash from Dock or activating Folder when TotalFinder window is minimized.
  • improvedRegistration Dialog is immune to extraneous whitespace and new-lines in the middle of the license key.
  • improvedPulling tabs in and out is much more smooth.
  • improvedMany internal improvements in the project structure.


released on October 13, 2010
  • newLocalized into Polish and Portugal. Thanks to translators, you rock!
  • newIntroduced secret tweak TotalFinderDontTweakSidebar, to help folk having this issue.
  • fixedDo not apply "Folders on Top" sorting on the desktop view. This should fix ghost icons on the desktop.
  • fixedFixed "Go To ..." keyboard shortcuts in Dual Mode (issue).
  • improvedRegistration Dialog is immune to extraneous whitespace characters.
  • improvedIn trial mode the window badge shows remaining days.
  • removedRemoved annoyance dialog which popped after every 10 tab switches. It was a bad idea.


released on September 27, 2010
  •  Related blog post: Happy birthday, TotalFinder!
  • newUnlocked licensing subsystem.
  • newUpdated website for 1.0 and add documentation.
  • new"Folders On Top" feature works reliably in all views. Nice and clean code contributed by russian hacker Roman Yusufkhanov. Big kudos!
  • newThe main window stretches horizontally when resizing columns in ColumnsView (issue).
  • newLocalized into Romanian. Thanks to translators, nice!
  • fixedFixed buggy checkbox "Don't write .DS_Store to Network" in preferences (issue).
  • fixedFixed tab title clipping bug in dual mode.
  • fixedFixed mysterious double-shadow visual glitch after starting TotalFinder (issue).
  • improvedTotalFinder window uses rounded corners as the original Finder (issue).
  • improvedDesktop does not show dot files even when you check "Show System Files".
  • improvedAsepsis ignores .DS_Store file on Desktop to prevent unexpected desktop settings resets. (issue).
  • improvedTab title is now truncated from the beginning, which makes sense for folks using _FXShowPosixPathInTitle tweak (issue).


released on August 31, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: Aargh, broken auto-updater
  • fixedFixed broken auto-updater (more info)
  • newLocalized into Slovak and Slovenian. Thanks to translators, sweet!
  • newCompatibility with Finder 10.6.6 (in the upcoming OS X update)
  • newIntroduced BETA channel for updates (Preferences / TotalFinder / About)
  • improvedTab switching is fast again (issue).
  • fixedSidebar not appearing in new tabs (issue).


released on August 17, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder summer update
  • fixedFixed occasional crashing when dropping a tab. This was reproducible by ninjas who were able to drag&drop a tab and immediately move mouse over dying semi-transparent window.
  • fixedPossibly fixed the crash when Finder decided to deallocate its window and some of my code cached pointer to it and didn't notice it is already gone. This was rarely reproducible.


released on August 16, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder summer update
  • fixedFixed 100% crash when 0.9.5 or 0.9.6 expired. I didn't do my homework and test this state at all. I'm sorry for that.
  • newLocalized into Turkish and Swedish. Thanks to translators, nice!
  • newRemoved disabling code after expiration and replaced it with small red note embedded into a window frame and tab switching limit.
  • improvedUpdated tabs look to match the latest Google Chrome.
  • improvedSidebar width is kept constant when switching tabs in one window.
  • improvedPill button toggles both Finder windows in dual mode.


released on July 26, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: Toolbar Pill Button strikes back
  • newLocalized into Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. Thanks to all translators, you guys rock!
  • newAdded toolbar pill button to the top-right corner of the main chrome window. Yaay! (issue).
  • improvedSidebar and toolbar toggling should work more reliably and without visual glitches.
  • improvedUsing zombies - better internal tracking of unintentional usage of deallocated memory. This should help me fix some remaining crashes.


released on June 29, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder opened for localization
  • newLocalization support (more info).
  • fixedSwitching between keyboard layouts caused OS X to slow down! (issue).
  • fixedToggling hidden files does also refresh the desktop (issue).
  • fixedFixed random bug in TotalFinder launcher (issue).
  • improvedPixel perfection! Tabs have a better colors matching the current Chrome Browser.
  • improvedRemoved some dead code and minor house keeping.


released on June 16, 2010
  • improvedCompatibility update with Finder 10.6.5 coming in OS X v10.6.4 update.
  • fixedVisor window accepts new tabs even if it is hidden (issue).
  • fixedShow Hidden Files works reliably also in 32-bit Finder.
  • fixedFixed possible crash situation when main window controller was deallocated too early.


released on June 08, 2010


released on June 07, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder with customizable shortcuts
  • newTotalFinder keyboard shortcuts can be overridden in Preferences. This should solve the headaches for people with AZERTY keyboards.
  • newNewly CMD+SHIFT+W closes current window including all tabs (like in the Google Chrome Browser the option available in the File menu) (idea).
  • fixedFixed installer bug when TotalFinder failed to install with unselected TotalFinder.kext (issue and issue).
  • fixedVisor's Pin button is click-through.
  • fixedDo not alter with Visor window level when pinned, it solved some pin button problems.
  • fixedInstaller creates /usr/local/.dscache with proper rights when TotalFinder.kext is selected. Also when this folder is missing TotalFinder gracefully works with Asepsis feature disabled.
  • fixedClicking right-side close button of dualized tab closes the right-side Finder panel properly (issue and issue).
  • improvedTotalFinder actions are available in the Finder menu (mostly under View submenu).
  • improvedRevised logic which decides if a new Finder is opened in a new tab or a new window (issue).
  • improvedImproved look & feel of Preferences Panel.
  • removedRemoved CMD+Q keyboard shortcut for closing all windows. You should be using standard CMD+OPT+W.


released on May 17, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder almost gold
  • fixedFixed keyboard shortcuts problem. I didn't test Command and Shift key modifiers properly (issue).
  • fixedCMD+Q does not kill the Desktop window (issue).
  • fixedPrevent window jump during the Zoom operation.


released on May 17, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder almost gold
  • newToggle display of hidden files without Finder restart! (CMD+SHIFT+.)
  • newVisor has blue pin button in place of close button (CMD+SHIFT+P)
  • newVisor window can be resized by dragging main window's title bar vertically. Visor window is no longer movable.
  • newNew Tweak option 'Always Maximize' - makes Zoom behave like in Google Chrome.
  • newNew Tweak option 'Narrow Tabs Bar' - saves some vertical space for folks with 13" notebooks.
  • newCMD+Q closes all open windows. This does not terminate Finder process tough.
  • fixedFixed random crashes caused by pending tabs animations accessing already destroyed browser window.
  • fixedFixed possible crash in tabs state serialization code.
  • fixedPrevented crash when last windows was closed and user requested to create a new tab via a keyboard shortcut.
  • fixedFixed `Cycle Through Windows` menu command (issue).
  • fixedFixed `Zoom` and `Zoom All` menu commands.
  • fixedZoom acts as the original Finder `Zoom` command - hold SHIFT to maximize (issue).
  • improvedSeamless switching between free-form and classic visor mode. Resizing works without Visor window recreation.
  • improvedImproved look of TotalFinder preference panels. Also renamed some options and added more descriptive texts.
  • improvedInstaller disables POSIX names in Finder's plist option during installation (issue).
  • improvedLSUIElement hides TotalFinderLauncher.app from the Dock (issue).
  • improvedBetter logic for selecting target browser for a new tab: open it in visor if visor is visible and key window else use last active non-visor window.
  • improvedOverall refactorings, dead code removal and speed improvements.
  • improvedDual panel separator line goes over toolbar and statusbar.
  • removedRemoved close button on Visor window.
  • removedRemoved continuous crash preventer code (not needed anymore).
  • removedRemoved TotalFinderOptionTab tweak option. Switching panels is going to be just OPT+TAB. Using plain TAB wasn't good idea.


released on April 26, 2010
  •  More details in the blog post: TotalFinder now works without SIMBL
  • newTotalFinder has its own mechanism for Finder injection.
  • newEchelon.kext renamed to TotalFinder.kext. Launch daemon is not needed anymore for .DS_Store redirect feature to work.
  • newAdded option which prevents adopting new Finder windows as tabs automatically. See TotalFinder/Tweaks preferences. (issue)
  • fixedFixed window jump problem (issue and issue).
  • fixedFinderSize utility works again with TotalFinder (issue).
  • fixedFixed CMD+P glitch. (issue).
  • improvedWarning dialog appears when running TotalFinder with untested Finder version.
  • improvedUpdated crash dialog UI and also updated Breakpad sources to the latest version.
  • removedRemoved SIMBL dependency.


released on April 04, 2010
  • newTotalFinder main icon and relevant graphics like installer icons, status menu icons, etc. (read more)
  • newRedesigned the website (read more).
  • fixedTotalFinder plays nice with TimeMachine (issue, issue, issue and issue).
  • fixedPrevent a monster memory leak when sliding Visor window (issue). My apologies for this.
  • fixedFixed stuck scrollbars in icon view of dual panel (issue and issue).
  • fixedResolved random crash in showToolbar call.
  • fixedHiding sidebar works properly in dual mode.
  • fixedAuto-connection to Echelon didn't work after machine restart (in some cases).
  • fixedRobust shutdown path. TotalFinder state was not properly serialized into plist (when Finder's code decided not to save my in-memory changes).
  • fixedPrevent crashes in getFinderGradientParams call.
  • improvedDrag&drop between tabs respects system springing preferences and can be customized on the Finder's General preferences pane.
  • improvedBetter uninstaller (original Uninstall.scpt wrapped in Platypus app).
  • improvedDescriptive error message when launching TotalFinder.app without SIMBL installed.
  • improvedRenamed some status menu items and added "Check for Updates" item.
  • improvedPixel perfect sidebar width syncing in dual mode.


released on March 11, 2010
  • fixedFixed desktop quirks because desktop window was originally treated the same way as classic windows by TotalFinder overrides. For example this fixed desktop problems after switching resolution or changing number of displays. (issue and issue)
  • fixedFixed crash when saved windows state referenced no longer existing paths.
  • fixedFixed crash when closing browser and some tabs might have pending animation requests.
  • fixedFixed crash when browser window was destroyed before controller got deallocated.
  • fixedClicking might have offset or window might jump because of incorrect coordinates transformation (commit) .


released on March 6, 2010
  • newDrag&drop support between tabs.
  • newTabs perform spring loading when hovered during drag operation.
  • newYou may drag folder(s) out as tabs. Hint: drop them between tabs.
  • newTotalFinder restores windows dimensions and tabs layout after restart.
  • newTotalFinder windows may be moved by dragging window background or toolbar background like in the original Finder.
  • newYou may switch Option+TAB panel switching instead of TAB switching in Preferences (issue).
  • fixedStability improvements. Fixed more than 5 crash situations.
  • fixedAnnoying bug when frame window did not respond to resizing after first resize.
  • fixedFixed whole class of weird bugs caused by adopting Finder windows created prior SIMBL injection.
  • fixedSolved the problem with detached finder panels (movable via toolbar background).
  • fixedFixed the problem when got external request to close dualized tab (issue).
  • fixedDouble-clicking on right side of a dualized tab leaves the right Finder tab selected after "dedualization".
  • fixedFixed invalid hover effect during tab dualization.
  • fixedClosing tab by clicking on close button was hiding whole frame at some circumstances.
  • fixedTear-off of a tab as a new window does not animate tab as being closed.
  • fixedFixed buggy tab color after window dragging session.
  • fixedPrevent crash when browser displays "More ..." button (in "Folders on Top" mode).
  • improvedRefactored .DS_Store redirection. Made it a little bit faster and more robust.
  • improvedSolved some Visor window sliding quirks and fine tuned freeform mode.
  • improvedPlay proper tab closing animation when closing selected tab.
  • improvedFaster tab animations. The speed of tab animations matches Chrome/Mac again.
  • improvedNo more flickering when closing browser window using red close button.
  • improvedConsistent color of deselected tabs in inactive windows.
  • improvedLess CPU usage during window resizing with dual panel selected.


released on February 10, 2010
  • newAdded options to restart Finder and uninstall TotalFinder into status menu item.
  • fixedFixed .DS_Store related crash.
  • fixedFixed crash when TotalFinder was trying to return focus to app which ceased to exist during Visor session.
  • fixedFixed rare crash during Visor window sliding.
  • fixedFixed crash related to external apple events.
  • fixedFixed visual glitches when hiding toolbar or changing its type.
  • fixedBottom PathBar works again.
  • fixedVisor window in freeform mode is resizable again.
  • fixedScreen selector works again in Visor Preferences.
  • improvedTab opening and closing animations are smooth again.
  • improvedDon't close existing windows on start, but adopt them as tabs.
  • improvedVisor window respects the Dock.
  • improvedVisor window shows reliably on top of the Dock when "Show on Dock level" is enabled.
  • improvedBetter Visor sliding. Works fading and also solved stuck Visor window under the Dock.


released on February 3, 2010
  • newIntroduced dual mode. Activation: double-click on tab or press CMD+U. Pane switching with TAB. (more).
  • newCustom crash reporting dialog based on Breakpad project (more).
  • newRapid closure mode for tabs (issue).
  • fixedStuck hover states on close buttons (more).
  • fixedSolved problem when Preferences windows appears in lower-left corner when first activated.
  • fixedBack-ported fix for occasional crash when tab is closed (commit).
  • fixedFixed annoying bug when bottom status bar was not updated when switching views (issue).
  • fixedPlugging/Unplugging external monitor breaks windows (issue).
  • improvedGeneral refactoring, stability and speed improvements.
  • improvedUpdated Sparkle to latest GitHub version.
  • improvedTab context menu shows also when CMD+left click or CTRL+left click.
  • improvedForce dot files to appear always on top (when in folders-on-top mode).
  • improvedWindow resizing.
  • improvedTab animations.
  • improvedDisabled Finder window animations. This should fix Time Machine quirks (issue)
  • improvedInstaller re-enables Echelon after installation in case it was previously enabled.


released on January 25, 2010
  • NOTE This is just dummy release identical to 0.6.6. I need to extend expiration period. Working hard on dual-panel feature, but didn't make it on time.


released on January 19, 2010
  • fixedFixed crashing during tab dragging (read more).
  • fixedTab background color is consistent with Finder window during dragging.


released on January 18, 2010
  • newCMD+SHIFT+ARROWS or CMD+OPT+ARROWS keyboard shortcuts to move between tabs (read more).
  • newRight-click on tab title displays original titlebar context menu (read more).
  • newFull UNIX path is presented as a tooltip when hovering over tab title.
  • fixedUninstall script is more robust and works in the case Echelon was uninstalled independently.
  • fixedLast created/selected window become default for new Finder child windows being opened by the system or other apps.
  • fixedPlays nice with resizing utilities like SizeUp, FinderSize or BetterTouchTool (more info).
  • fixedFixed visual glitches after changing resolution or reconfiguring displays.
  • fixedFixed quirks when activating Visor by clicking on Dock icon.
  • improvedEchelon KEXT is not being installed by default (users should opt-in).
  • improvedDock icon brings Visor only if there is no other tabs window.
  • improvedAfter sliding Visor window down, in case TotalFinder has still main status, next visible window gets focus (Visor window does not keep it anymore).
  • improvedInstalled clearly states that current version is ALPHA and final version will be paid (more info).


released on January 14, 2010
  • newFinder window keeps main status. Originally I was setting tab-browser window as main and Finder window as key. TotalFinder should be more stable now.
  • fixedLabels via right click context-menu work again (read more).
  • fixedTotalFinder remembers position of last closed window, new window is reopened on the same position (read more).
  • improvedReturning focus to previously active app should be a little bit faster.


released on January 13, 2010
  • fixedCMD+TAB activation must be more strict. Activating Visor only in the case there is no other classic Finder window.


released on January 13, 2010
  • fixedRegression introduced by CMD+TAB activation. Clicking on Desktop caused Visor to slide up.


released on January 13, 2010
  • newDisabled Visor mode by default. Many newcomers were confused by default Visor behavior. Visor veterans from Terminal.app may always enable Visor mode in preferences.
  • newYou may force Visor window to appear on top of Dock (read more).
  • newYou may resize Visor window and keep it's dimensions in free-form mode (read more).
  • fixedFixed broken TotalFinder when running on top of localized Finder.
  • fixedClicking on Finder Dock icon toggles Visor if available.
  • fixedCMD+TAB activation activates Visor if available.
  • fixedCorrected behavior in crash-recovery mode (read more).
  • removedRemoved "Show on Reopen" obsolete option from Visor for Terminal.app.


released on January 11, 2010
  • newTabs! thanks to Chromium codebase, love you Google.
  • newVisor mode window could be avoided by unchecking both activation options.
  • fixedBetter stability.
  • fixedVisor window remembers it's height during restarts.
  • fixedVisor window does not show up during expose.
  • fixedFixed quirks related to sliding visor window.
  • fixedVisor window stays up until there is no window with main status within Finder.app.
  • removedVisor window can slide only from bottom of the screen. Removed "Position" selector.
  • removedDropped ppc architecture support.


released on December 18, 2009
  • newAdded tweak option "Don't customize Dock Icon".
  • newInstaller displays warning if SIMBL is not detected.
  • newArchive contains compatible SIMBL package (for case TotalFinder.dmg is found on Planet of the Apes).
  • fixedQuick TotalFinder restart from Preferences Pane is not counted as a crash.
  • fixedUsing latest Sparkle which supports asynchronous package installation. This fixes installer choking when updating via Sparkle's "Install and Relaunch" button.


released on December 9, 2009
  • newAdded option to force "Folders on Top".
  • fixedTotalFinder should work for users with 32-bit hardware (folks running i386 binary of Finder).


released on December 6, 2009
  • newSparkle updating system.
  • newAdded red face preventing continuous crashing during startup (because Finder is being restarted after crash by launchd).
  • newAdded uninstall script.
  • fixedChanged TotalFinder window level so that auxiliary floating windows are visible on top of it (more info).
  • fixedFixed Echelon registration into startup items. Previously Echelon wasn't started again after restart.
  • fixedDesktop icons should persist during Finder restarts. I'm restoring important .DS_Store files to original locations during restart.


released on November 30, 2009
  • fixedprefix folder /usr/local/.dscache is created by installer with proper rights. Originally TotalFinder was suddenly exiting when trying to perform operation with insufficient rights.


released on November 30, 2009
  • new.DS_Store redirect mode.
  • newVisor-like hot-key activation.


released on September
  • NOTE Idea, experiments with Snow Leopard, proof-of-concept code